Zedshed / Stress reduction course

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Mindfulness-based stress reduction course

May 16th - July 11th 2018 Wednesdays  14.00 - 16.15

Run by Vici Williams and Paula Fairweather, experienced Mindfulness teachers.  

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for stress reduction combines the ancient tradition of meditation together with cognitive therapy techniques to support people find more helpful ways of dealing with low mood, stress and anxiety.

The Mental Health Foundation has produced an extensive report in response to the popularity of Mindfulness. It examines the evidence for the effectiveness of Mindfulness-based courses, lays the groundwork for developing the use of Mindfulness-based approaches within the NHS and beyond - and explores the potential positive knock-on effects for society at large.

For further information please see www.mindfulnesscornwall.co.uk, email Vici or Paula on contact@mindfulnesscornwall.co.uk or call them on 07582 892434.

Nonviolent Communication 2018 Weekend workshops

May 26th 10.45 - 18.00 & May 27th 10.45 - 17.15

August 25th 10.45 - 18.00 & August 26th 10.45 - 17.15

A weekend workshop with Claudia and Martin Althaus on the 'Language of Life' based on the ideas of Marshall B Rosenberg.


Better communication with others
Express your own needs
Deepen Connections

See flyer for more information or contact Claudia and Martin on 07520 640052, martin.althaus@dralthaus.com, or FaceBook.


NVC Practice Group - Claudia & Martin Althaus, with Vicky Peirce

May 25th 19.45 - 22.00

August 24th 19.45 - 22.00

October 5th 19.45 - 22.00

We reflect what feelings and needs are currently most alive in us, and we give each other empathy in the NVC way.

For details please see FaceBook.