Special Events


Cacao Ceremony

With Alison Fleming - Sunday 6th May 1-4pm

Come and drink the ancient cacao medicine and journey to meet the loving, gentle and powerful cacao spirit.  A guided meditation to open your heart and connect you deeply into your spirit to receive the healing, transformative and releasing power of Cacao.  The meditation will allow time for stillness, movement and dance within the beautiful space of the Zed Shed.

You are invited to set your intentions for what you would like to ask the Cacao Goddess for; healing, guidance, letting go, manifestation, nurturing, dissolving of heart blockages, self love ...   "Cacao is the most wonderful teacher and opener of the inner doors and pathways that for me have lead to release and a flow of compassion.. And I've always felt her feminine medicine streaming through my body, which is very beautiful when taken into a physical dance too.." Biljana

£30. Tickets - https://www.eventbrite.com/o/seed-of-love-cacao-17209623958.
More information https://www.facebook.com/events/564577130584264/

Gong Bath Meditation with Ali Gunning

May 14th, June 11th & July 9th  20.30 - 21.30

An immersive journey through sacred sound, with gongs, himalayan bowls, crystal singing bowls, conch shell, elemental instruments, shruti box, voice and more. Ali invites you to set an intention and surrender into an ocean of healing vibrations and frequencies. The sound moves you quickly into a theta wave state of deep relaxation, meditation or transformation. All are welcome, please speak to Ali beforehand if you are pregnant or have any health concerns. Please wear warm, comfy layers and bring: a yoga mat (we have a few spare so if you don’t have one just ask!), a blanket, a small cushion for your head, a scarf to shade your eyes & drinking water. 

£12 investment per person. Drop in or pay online.
More info on flyer.

South West Iyengar Yoga Institute (SWIYI) 2018

Kirsten Agar Ward - May 12th 11.00 - 17.00 & May 13th 11.00 - 16.30

Gerry Chambers - October

Uday Bhosale - November

See the ZedShed Yoga page for more information.


Nonviolent Communication 2018 Weekend Workshops

May 26th 10.45 - 18.00 & May 27th 10.45 - 17.15

August 25th 10.45 - 18.00 & August 26th 10.45 - 17.15

See ZedShed NVC page for more information.


Yoga workshops with Sue Lovell - 2018

August 11th - 12th 12.00 - 15.00 each day
August 13th - 15th 10.00 - 12.30 each day

5 day Iyengar yoga workshops with Senior teacher Sue Lovell. Yogasana & philosophy according to the teachings of BKS Iyengar and Patanjalis Yoga Sutras. Come to all five or individually. Check Peak Yoga website for booking form.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs - Teacher Training

September 2018 for CPD course for teachers

December 2018 Level 1, April 2019 Level 2 Teacher Training

See ZedShed yoga page for more information.