2017 Christmas Fair

Thanks to everyone for making our 2017 Christmas Fair a success.  Thanks to those who visited us, thanks to the fabulous stallholders for producing such great items, and thanks to the Jubilee Wharf community and Robotmother staff for working hard to make it so very enjoyable!

Below are our 2017 stallholders.

Esther Smith
Demelza Whitley
Caroline Kelley-Foreman
Blegan Wool
Bonbi Forest
Lisa Wisdom - Smythick Forge
Sophie Tilston
Pam's Plants
Lou Tonkin
Emily Hewson
Cornwall Wildlife Trust
Hannah Beech
Bee Pellow
Ruth Panszczyk
Particle Press
Humble Cottage - Keri Valentine
Amy Walker
Kernow Spa
Jill Dunn
Nicki Martin
Wendy Wilbraham
Bex Bourne
Ninja Nyan
Funk Soul Mother
Tarkus Blackmore - My Conceptions
Fox Eats Fibre
Emily & Khadi
Rio Nuevo Chocolate
Phoenix Creations
Joanna Balsom
Lily Waugh